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    Lil Kim : Oops Oh My

    It's no secret Lil Kim is the queen of attention! A few days after she dropped "Black Friday' diss track, she was partying and let her boob hang for all the world to see.

    In related news, Nicki pushed 375,000 copies of album sold which is the first in 15 years since a femcee sold that much. Baby from cash money reacts in XXL mag.

    "It's cool, she accomplished more than-- it's been 10 years man, 15 years since anybody did that. I think that's great though, how we did it and how everybody buckled down and grinded. I love her. I got the utmost respect for Nicki because she is a hard worker and she is dedicated and she's smart, she's intelligent and she's a student of this sh*t. Nicki gonna keep growing. She has that mindset and what she is reaching for is high in the sky, so you're gonna keep seeing Nicki grow. We're proud of what she did and we're going to expect next time to be even better."

    There's also this website who compares Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj to show how much similarities these two shares.

    LK ) Birthplace: Kimberly Denise Jones (N.M.) Birthplace: Onika Tanya Maraj

    (L.K.) Birthday: July 11 (N.M.) Birthday: December 8

    (L.K.) Age: 34 (N.M.) Age: 25

    (L.K.) Rap Posse/Group: Junior M.A.F.I.A. (N.M.) Rap Posse/Group: Young Money

    (L.K.) Note-worthy Cameos: 'Get Money' with Junior Mafia; 'Crush on You' with Lil' Cease; and 'Lady Marmalade' with Pink, Mya, Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott, and Christina Aguilera (N.M.) Note-worthy Cameos: 'Monster' with Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross; 'Bedrock' with Young Money; 'Bottoms Up' with Trey Songz

    (L.K.) Endorsements: Three Olives Vodka, Mac Viva Glam III, Old Navy (N.M.) Endorsements: Mac 'Pink Friday' lipstick

    read more if you care :


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    Dhaz Presidents MrCee's Avatar
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    Lil Kim resorting to the walrobe malfunction trick again?

    Then I'm sure the fellas wouldn't mind a Nicki malfunction



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